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Juelz Santana & Lil Wayne Strike Out on “Home Run” (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 01/19/10 | Filed under Downloads, Lil Wayne, Juelz Santana
Juelz Santana, Lil Wayne
Remember like 47 years ago when Juelz Santana and Weezy started talking about this collaborative album they were working on called "Feel My Face"? Yeah, this has nothing to do with that. At this point "Feel My Face" is going to come out as a double-album with "Detox" (a.k.a. never), but that hasn't stopped the duo from working together on Santana's new album, beginning with the new single "Home Run", a formulaic track that strikes out far more than it makes contact.

So why did I post such a formulaic song? Because it finally inspired me to do something I've been meaning to do for months. That right, I'm now officially boycotting any track that Weezy sings on. In retrospect yesterday's "Beehive Waist" was the auto-tune straw that broke the camel's back, but this is just too much. Stop it Wayne, just stop. You're a great rapper (when you want to be) and a terrible singer, give it up. I highly urge you to join my boycott - together we can ensure this never happens again.

Download "Home Run" via MediaFire
Download "Home Run" via UserShare

To start swinging for the fences right now, listen to the track below.

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Play Juelz Santana ft. Lil Wayne - Home Run

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