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Fails: Joey Bada$$ Can’t Help Himself, Gets Suckered Into Beef With Lil B

Posted by Nathan S. on 01/30/13 | Filed under Fails, Lil B, Joey Badass
Oh sweet baby jesus, do I really have to write about this? I do? Well then, in that case....ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present the best hip-hop beef since Nas vs. Jay-Z LL Cool J vs. Canibus, Common vs. Drake, Lil B vs. Joey Bada$$.

As some quick background, Joey's recently passed partner in rhyme Capital Steeze said on "Survival Tactics": “They say hard work pays off, well tell the based god don’t quit his day job.” So, you know, shots fired and whatnot.

Never one to pass up a promotional opportunity, the aforementioned Based God responded with a pretty boring "diss track" that confirms what we already knew; the Lil B thing is mostly a front for a rapper who can actually rap when he decides to. And by "rap", I mean make words rhymes and deliver them in a cadence roughly approximate to the beat.

At first it looked like Joey was going to wisely take the high road and just laugh Lil B off.

That probably would have been the best move. Lil B obviously didnt' want any actual trouble, he just saw a promo opportunity and like the marketing genius he is, went for it. If he really wanted to stir up trouble he would have mentioned Steez' name, but he knows that would have brought the Jules wrath of god down upon him.

But in the age of Twitter, every minor squabble turns into a middle school fight. At the slightest sign of trouble a crowd instantly amasses and starts provoking, until the two dudes feel like fuck it, with this many people watching now I have to fight. A mixture of taunts from Lil B followers and fans eager to watch the inevitable lyrical massacre cleared made Joey feel like he now had to respond, and boom, a couple hours later we got "Don't Quit Your Day Job".

So...we've now got the rap beef equivalent of Bill Murray balling out against lil kids in "Rushmore" (Joey's obviously Bill Murray in this analogy).

Fine, just some random entertainment to help pass the time, nothing wrong with that. But if this thing drags on, I'm going to stop giving even the slightest fraction of a fuck very quickly. Joey got suckered into giving Lil B some promo, that doesn't mean I have to follow.

This art work is pretty fucking amazing though. And I guess we got to hear Joey go in over a pretty nice Janet Jackson sample. So I guess we got that going for us.

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