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Block of Slaughterhouse (Pt. 1): Joell Ortiz “Project Boy” (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 03/31/10 | Filed under Top Stories, Downloads, Slaughterhouse, Joell Ortiz
Joell Ortiz
Slaughterhouse are quickly becoming the Dream Team of underground hip-hop; and I mean the Jordan/Magic/Bird '92 Dream Team, not the Iverson/Marbury ' 02 Dream Team that lost to Yugoslavia. Actually, with every member of the Slaughterhouse crew individually releasing dope new music last night, maybe it'd be more accurate to compare them to Voltron; an array of lethal individual parts that can assemble into one giant killing machine. Whichever analogy you go with, the point is that Slaughterhouse is killing the game right now, so I thought it was only right that I drop a giant block o' Slaughterhouse this morning.

Leading off the festivities is Joell Ortiz, who just hours after releasing the video to this "Free Agent" lead single "Project Boy" followed with the tracks, and sweet baby Jesus is it dope. Produced by DJ Premier, hence the banger beat complete with turntable cuts, "Project Boy" is the kind of record that has more than a couple "oh shit" moments. You know those times in a track that are so dope your brain shuts down and all you can think it "oh shit!" Yeah, it's that good.

Download "Project Boy" via MediaFire
Download "Project Boy" via UserShare

To listen to a project boy make the big time right now, check out the track below.

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Play Joell Ortiz - Project Boy

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