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Joell Ortiz is a Certified “80s Baby” (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 08/03/10 | Filed under Downloads, Joell Ortiz
Joell Ortiz
With his album "Free Agent" apparently stalled indefinitely (shame considering how dope "Project Boy" was), prodigious Slaughterhouse representer and "Beamer, Benz or Bentley" freestyle champion Joell Ortiz is forging ahead with a new mixtape, "YAOWA". The first offering off the DJ Green Lantern produced and Don Cannon yelled-over project is the percussive "'80s Baby". Note to other rappers: If you want me to post your music, title it '80s Baby" (1982 in the house mofos!) and spit some of the sickest rhymes in the game: "You could put on six layers of clothes and you'd still be see through / we don't believe you / your story ain't rough enough for a sequel." Do those two things and I'll guarantee you a post. I know, easy, right?

Why "YAOWA"? The man explains: "Every time I get on a beat, I say, 'Yaowa,' before I rap on it. Then I started playing around with it and turned it into [meaning]: 'you're actually one world away.' I be feeling like my flow is not of Earth. I zone out, become an alien with it. On another freestyle, I said, 'I'll put you in a hospital because my flow is so sick.' That's 'your ass on wild anesthetics.' I just be spazzin' out with the yaowa. But it's a term of endearment around my way." Ok then, thanks for clarifying.

Download "'80s Baby" Directly

Throw on a pair of BK Knights and listen to the track right now below.

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Play Joell Ortiz - '80s Baby

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