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Block of Slaughterhouse (Pt. 2): Joe Budden “Unthinkable (Freestyle)” (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 03/31/10 | Filed under Downloads, Joe Budden, Freestyles, Slaughterhouse
Joe Budden
I'll spare you pain of watching me try to figure out whether Slaughterhouse is better compared to the '92 Dream Team or Voltron analogy (as I did in Pt. 1), so let's just skip right to the point. Slaughterhouse as a crew are leaving a wake of destruction in their lyrical path, and with every member of the team dropping a new song last night, I thought it was only fitting to drop a giant block of Slaughterhouse.

Following Ortiz' "Project Boy" is the narcissisticly dope Joe Budden and his brand spankin new "Unthinkable (Freestyle)". As always, Budden doesn't hold back in the least, going in over the beat for Alicia Keys' brilliant "Unthinkable" (which is the best r&b song of the lat six months) with punchline heavy verses about - what else? - himself. By the way, my favorite part of any new Budden track is analyzing it like The Da Vinci Code to try to figure out when it was recorded. Considering the "Hot Tub Time Machine", March Madness and Ricky Martin references, this one had to have been recorded sometime in the past couple weeks at most.

"All I'm tryin to do is bust her (Busta)...Flipmode, problem is she seen too many flicks though / said she'd only be impressed by a diamond ring, wish I had a hot tub...time machine." Yeah, it's like that.

Download "Unthinkable (Freestyle)" via MediaFire
Download "Unthinkable (Freestyle)" via UserShare

Don't even think of not listening to the track below right now. And yeah, that was a double negative. What you gonna do about it?

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Play Joe Budden - Unthinkable (Freestyle)

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