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Joe Budden Drops Deceptively Titled “Something To Ride 2” (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 06/04/10 | Filed under Downloads, Joe Budden
Joe Budden
Over the last few weeks we've been hit with track after track of new Joe Budden material, all of which has been accompanied by the note, "Not off 'The Great Escape'". Well we're apparently going to have to keep waiting, because while. Budden's production partner of choice J. Cardim finally dropped some album material today in the form of "Something To Ride 2", but it's set to appear on Cardim's upcoming album *Dice Music Group: The IN Crowd!" Still, Cardim says the sample-free sound is indicative of what will appear on "The Great Escape", so I guess we can consider this a preview. If I was being less eloquent, I'd call it a cock tease track, but I'm classier than that.

Like everything Joe does, it's gonna take me at least a couple more listens to figure out every reference, though judging from the Rashad Evans/Rampage Jackson line it can't be more than a few days old. Oh, and Budden, if you're going to spend the entire hook saying this isn't something to ride to, why would you title the track "Something 2 Ride To?" SIn related news, look out for my new column "Naked Pictured of Megan Fox", in which I will explain in detail why I don't have naked pictures of Megan Fox.

Download "Something to Ride 2" Directly
(Right click, "Save Link As")

Start riding with Budden right now and listen to the track below.

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Play Joe Budden - Somethin to Ride 2

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