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Jeezy Continues Beef on “Death Before Dishonor”, Rick Ross Doesn’t Really Care (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 08/11/10 | Filed under Downloads, Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, Beef
Our very own Jacques recently insisted that beef is dead, but that's not stopping Jeezy from doing his damndest to revive the beef industry, probably because his recent music's flopping harder than an Italian soccer player. The target of his shots? Rick Ross. Apparently not satisfied with going at Ricky on "The Real Blowin' Money Fast", the Snowman's taking a second attempt with "Death Before Dishonor", a freestyle over, you guessed it, Ricky's "B.M.F. (Blowin' Money Fast)". Sweet jesus, we get it Jeezy. You're trying to start beef with the Officer. Why do I feel like we've already been here and done this? Oh yeah, because we have - it was boring the first time too.

Of course, for there to be actual beef two parties need to be involved (hear that Beanie?), so what's Ricky's response been so far? The full video's below, but in summation the Bawse doesn't really care, probably because he's had the number two album in the country, and everyone, including the dude who's trying to start beef with him, loves his beats.

Whatever. Let it go Jeezy, you're starting to look desperate for attention. Of course, that doesn't mean Ross doesn't deserve to be called out, like Freddie Gibbs did recently. No fireworks, no beef, just the truth. Now that's how it's done Gangster Gibbs.

UPDATE: Yesterday Jeezy came out and claimed that this track, and "The Real Blowin Money Fast", weren't disses to Ross and got all pissy about people seeing beef where they wasn't any. He then went on to insist that the tracks were disses to anyone who falsely claimed affiliation with Black Mafia other words, Rick Ross. Whatever Jeezy. If you're going to star beef don't try to back out when it starts to happen.

Anyway, the track is off Jeezy's upcoming "1,000 Grams" mixtape, due to drop this Thursday. Let's just say my expectations aren't high.

Download "Death Before Dishonor" Directly

Death? Dishonor? Yeah, there's a little bit of both of them in the track below.

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