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Jason James (Web) Wants Wack Rappers to “Go” Away (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 07/30/10 | Filed under Downloads, Jason James
Jason James Web Go
Like Young JeezyJeezy and The Game Game, RefinedHype favorites Web and I.D.E.A., also known as "God's Favorites", have undergone a name change. Ok, on second thought it's really nothing like Jeezy and Game. The point is, as the duo believe so strongly in their upcoming project "The Marvelous World of Color" that they've switched to their government names, Jason James and Rodney Hazard.

Like their last track, the stellar "Fame Us", their latest work, "Go", features some starkly ambient production from Hazard and front of center rhyme work from James, who created this track because...I'll just let him speak for himself:

"Throughout the beginning of writing [our new album] "Marvelous World Of Color", I was really frustrated with Hip Hop. Both as an artist and a fan of the culture I was, and still am to a degree, feeling like maybe my time with Hip Hop was coming to an end. Most people don't have any idea what we go through as artists continuously being "on the verge" of achieving the dream of being able to make a living wage off of what we do. When Rodney first gave me the beat for "Go" I was looking for a way to vent and find some direction in my uncertain future and this beat was the perfect platform for that."

Download "'Go" Directly

Check out the track right now below. Get ready to live in a "Marvelous World of Color" when the album drops August 11 on DJBooth.

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