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Jason James (Web) Just Wants to be “Fame Us” (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 07/22/10 | Filed under Downloads, Jason James
Jason James Fame Us
Like Young JeezyJeezy and The Game Game, RefinedHype favorites Web and I.D.E.A., also known as "God's Favorites", have undergone a name change. Ok, on second thought it's really nothing like Jeezy and Game. The point is, as the duo believe so strongly in their upcoming project "The Marvelous World of Color" that they've switched to their government names, Jason James and Rodney Hazard.

Whatever the name, as there new cut "Fame Us" proves, there's no one making hip-hop like James and Hazard right now. As Hazard lays down a haunting and minimal beat, James lyrically delves deep into America's celebrity obsessed culture. As Mos Def would say, these words cut deep to the marrow.

"Why you cryin' baby girl? Your boyfriend beat you down? We'll just profit of the story and sell it until you drown. Paint you to be a victim, put you into position / for your big comeback, but don't you speak without permission / and don't even think about taking time off to heal. / Registers stop ringing, well, you know the deal."

"Liquor and white lines, go ahead baby try it / you ain't a drug addict if you never have to buy it / whatever keeps you going, we'll be sure to provide it."

Thank god things like that never happen in real life. Oh wait...they do....every day. Thanks TMZ!!!

UPDATE: How about some brand new visuals?

Download "'Fame Us" Directly

Check out the track right now below. Get ready to live in a "Marvelous World of Color" when the album drops August 11 on DJBooth.

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Play Jason James - Fame Us

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