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Jared Evan & Joey Bada$$ Drop Musically Colorful “Black & White” Video

Posted by Nathan S. on 03/04/13 | Filed under Videos, Joey Badass, Jared Evan

Jared Evan's excellent "Boom Bap & Blues" album got caught up in my "Shit Ton of New Music" update, so I'm more than happy to give the project an addition spotlight now that the video for his "Black & White" joint with Joey Badass is out.

A lot of people have tried to blend hip-hop/rock/R&B, most have failed, primarily because they don't have the musical knowledge or talent to pull it off. But especially with Statik manning the production and guest verses like this one from Joey, "Boom Bap & Blues" nails it.

In other words, if you dig this video, you'll dig the album. Act accordingly. Enjoy...

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