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J The S “The Last Party Remix” ft. Jadakiss, Nipsey Hussle and Dre Robinson (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 10/30/09 | Filed under Downloads, J The S
J The S
It's Friday morning, but I'm already feeling like getting my party on (thanks RedBull). In this remix to his M-Phazes produced soul/funk jam "The Last Party", Boston emcee J The S - who's named after my favorite old school wrestler Jake the Snake - brings on the almost grimy Jadakiss, west coast up-and-comer Nipsey Hussle and fellow B-town representative Dre Robinson for a remix to a party anthem that still brings some ill lyricism

In other words, this track is exactly like The Last Supper, but instead of the apostles eating with Christ, J the S and his party apostles are getting drunk as f**k. You know, same thing.

To download "The Last Party Remix" click here or here.

Or get your party on early and listen to the track right now below.

Play J The S - The Last Party Remix

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