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Issa’s NFL Pick 6: Week 3 - Will the Streak Stay Alive? (Video)

Posted by Nathan S. on 09/23/11 | Filed under Features, Videos, Sports, Issa, NFL, Pick 6
(Editor's Note: Not only is Issa a nice up-and-coming rapper, he's a hardcore NFL head. So I've invited him to pick six games each week for a new column we're calling....wait for it..."Pick 6". As the season goes on we'll keep a running tally of his record. Make your picks in the comments below and see if you can best him. Got it? Let's go.)

Hey Guys. I'm Issa and welcome to "Pick 6". I was almost flawless on my picks for the first two weeks picks, let's see if I can keep it going for Week 3.

Game 1:Giants vs. Eagles

Prediction: Giants over Eagles 31-28
Result: Giants over Eagles 29-16

Game 2: Steelers vs. Colts

Prediction: Colts over Steelers 35-14
Result: Steelers over Colts 23-20

Game 3: Packers vs. Bears

Prediction: Packers over Bears 27-14
Result: Packers over Bears 27-17

Game 4: Patriots vs. Bills

Prediction: Patriots over Bills 42-10
Result: Bills over Patriots

Game 5: Falcons vs. Bucs

Prediction: Falcons over Bucs 35-17
Result: Bucs over Falcons 16-13

Game 6: Redskins vs. Cowboys

Prediction: Redskins over Cowboys 35-27
Result: Cowboys over Redskins 18-16

Season Record: Rough week for Issa as he went 2-4, leaving his season record at 11-7. Let's see if he can get back on track for next week.

Check back in on Monday to see how Issa's picks did. For more from the DMV to ATL emcee, follow him on Twitter and check him out on YouTube, including his new remix of "Otis".

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