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Issa’s Pick 6: Week 1 - The Kickoff

Posted by Nathan S. on 09/09/11 | Filed under Features, Sports, Issa, NFL, Pick 6
(Editor's Note: Not only is Issa a nice up-and-coming rapper, he's a hardcore NFL head. So I've invited him to pick six games each week for a new column we're calling....wait for it..."Pick 6". As the season goes on we'll keep a running tally of his record. Make your picks in the comments below and see if you can best him. Got it? Let's go.)

Hey Guys. I'm Issa and welcome to "Pick 6". I am emailing this first one in but all my following picks will be via video. OK, so I am super excited about this upcoming NFL season and I would like to share with you some of the key games I will be tuning in to watch.

Game 1: NY Giants @ Washington Redskins

Those who know me know I am a die hard Redskin fan because I'm from the DMV, so you know iIm going for the redskins in this one. I see a tight game with the defenses very evenly matched. I am mad they let Donavan McNabb go - he would have been a huge plus in a win over the Giants. NY has Eli and he is a weapon as well.

Prediction: WAS over NYC 28-24
Result: WAS over NYC 28-14

Game 2: Phi @ STL

OK, so I'm extra excited 'cause my boy Mike Vick just got that huge deal (100 million) he made a serious comeback and I've always liked him since the ATL Falcon days. St. Louis has some serious talent as well with QB Sam Bradford and running back Steven Jackson so it seems like it will be a great game. A LOT of offense.

Prediction: PHI over STL 42-30
Result: PHI over STL 31-13

Game 3: Dallas @ NYJ

Dallas is a team that is unpredictable... I really despise them, well, because I am a Redskins fan and Skins hate Cowboys. Why? Who knows - I have just always known that to be true. Yeah they have Tony Romo but NYJ has Mark Sanchez and he is a beast at QB. They also have Tomilson at running back and a bunch of wide receivers with new addition Plexico Burress.

Prediction: NYJ over Dal 35-27
Result: NYJ over Dal 27-24

Game 4: PIT @ BAL

The Steelers with Big Ben are always going to be contenders and in any game, but with Ray Lewis of the Ravens and that hard hitting defense its going to be a game decided by which team allows the other to score.

Prediction: BAL over PIT 14-10
Result: BAL over PIT 35-7

Game 5: IND @ HOU

UH OHHH. With Peyton Manning out we will see how the Colts do against Houston, who have been solid at times. This year may just be their break out year. with QB Mark Leinart at the helm it could be a long day for the Colts.

Prediction: HOU over IND 31-28
Result: HOU over IND 34-7

Game 6: ATL @ CHI

Alright, so I live in ATL now and have grown to like the Falcons. I think their QB Matt Ryan will lead them to or close to the Super Bowl this year. As for CHI, with QB Jay Cutler and LB Brian Urlacher I'm sure this game will be very hard fought both offensively and defensively.

Prediction: ATL over CHI 28-17
Result: CHI over ATL 30-21

Check back in on Monday to see how Issa's picks did. For more from the DMV to ATL emcee, follow him on Twitter and check him out on YouTube.

UPDATE: An impressive first week for Issa as he went 5-1 on all of his picks. Let's see if he can continue his streak next week.

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