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The Incomparable Shakespeare Gets Visual on “Wonderwall” (Video)

Posted by Nathan S. on 10/26/10 | Filed under Videos, The Incomparable Shakespeare, New Music Tuesdays
On and on and on it keep goin'. When The Incomparable Shakespeare started up his "New Music Tuesdays" series the early results were so dope that RefinedHype had to jump on board as an official sponsor. Picking up with Week 13, today Shake is giving us something for our eyes and ears with the premiere of the "Wonderwall" video, an appropriately quasi-psychedelic flick that update Oasis' hit single with a decidedly fresh twist.

"Wonderwall" comes off Shakespeare's dope mash-up project, "The British Invasion", which you should download right now here.

UPDATE: As an added bonus, here's a short behind the scenes clip for "Wonderwall". You get a glimpse of the director Matthew Charof at work, and can also see director of cinematography Ryan John Lee doing his thing too.

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