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Costumes, Beef & Drama: Why Hip-Hop is The New WWE

Posted by Yoh on 01/14/13 | Filed under Opinion, Yoh Issues

Young and impressionable, I remember sitting in front of the television watching modern day Titans square off in the center of a staged Coliseum. It has gone by many names long forgotten, but it seems that WWE is what it shall die as. As I grew older, I realized that the Titans were really professional stunt doubles with a surplus of steroids, which ruined the captivating allure and replaced it with bitter disdain. Nothing changed but my knowledge that it was a fake, scripted battle between two men whose sole purpose was entertainment. Now here I am, once again aging uncontrollably, and I feel that growing disdain toward another industry; an industry that constantly proclaims it’s “realness” as if it’s overcompensating for the lack there of. Of course, I’m talking about rap, or hip-hop, or whatever industry acknowledges Shawty Lo and his 10 baby mama’s.

As I occasionally browse XXL or Complex and they have these exhilarating posts about what rapper grew the balls to tweet his or her arch nemesis a middle finger emoji after months of cryptic sub-shots, I ponder when rap (hip-hop) became a musical rendition of "Days of Our Lives". It's news, and a publication's duty is to cover and inform, but it’s the trivial situations like Azealia Banks and Angel Haze, or Cassidy and Meek Mill, that only continues to partially matter because the media perpetuate it contentiously. It’s the lowest form of entertainment, the lowest form of rap (hip-hop), and it’s disgusting how far these imbeciles will go just to stay relevant. "Love & Hip-Hop", World Star, Social Media squabbles, even the diss records, are all forms of entertainment that is leaving a worldwide imprint on how rap and hip-hop is perceived. Where’s the pride in the genre? Aren’t we Kings and Queens? So why do we just accept being the jester? Why do we just accept this image they paint us as?

Even the word beef is now synonymous with revenue. It appears during promo runs, album debuts, or the always struggling “come back”. It’s the competition that really allows “beefs” to flourish, but even the diss records are lackluster; “yo momma jokes, you don’t have more money than me, you don’t get more girls than me” nonsense. Some rappers don’t even go the joke route; they’ll just hang out with your mother and do an Instagram photo-shoot; whilst others will casually hang out with your son, and the conniving woman that you planted a seed in, and release the footage via youtube. When did that become an accepted tactic in a war on words? Neither pride, nor morals exist, it almost makes you wish this all was scripted.

Wrestling lacked realism, but the foundation it was built upon was strong by staying true to its essence. Wrestling is still adored by the young and the old, and continues to entertain without sacrificing its dignity. Well most of its dignity. I don’t know about rap (hip-hop). These reality shows are like an incurable virus that continues to infect viewers; twitter and instagram are just mediums that sole purpose is to entice jealousy, trends, and depredation and the media along with the people are just relishing in it. They applaud, desire, and bask in its ratchet richness. I like where the music at, the direction that it’s been moving in for the most part, but when I see how the genre as a whole is being upheld and defined I don’t know what direction it’s going in. One of the greatest poets of our time Sean Carter once said, “Its only entertainment” but for whom?

- Yoh (aka A$AP Yams at My Aunties House)

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