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Who’s The Most Hated Rapper Alive?

Posted by Nathan S. on 02/07/13 | Filed under Top Stories, Opinion

(This pic has nothing to do with hip-hop, but it was too awesome for me to resist.)

This week Forbes released its annual list of the 10 most hated athletes on the planet, based on a Neilsen poll. That list alone if worth some discussion - really, that many people hate Jay Cutler? - but more importantly, it made wonder: Who's the Most Hated Rapper Alive?

Now, there may be no bigger cliche in hip-hop than the concept of "haters" (big ups), and most of the time rappers complaining about all the hate they get are really just complaining about someone disliking a YouYube video. That's not hate, that's someone on the internet hurting your fragile feelings. Not liking someone's music, and/or not liking them because they seem like generally d-baggy human beings, is just not liking someone. Actively hoping someone fails, wishing the worst for them, and as is so often the case in the age of social media, taking the time to directly tell them you hate them, now that's hate.

On the other hand take Kanye, who's got to be near the top of this list; that man gets crazy death threats. Everyday. Multiple crazy death threats 365 days a year, mostly because he interrupted this one white girl one time. Now that's hate, and it's hate coming from a huge swath of America. By contrast, I can't think of another rapper I've seen get more hate over the last few months than Trinidad James, but that's rap nerd hate, minor league hate. Suburban moms don't even know who Trinidad James is, let alone hate him.

I'm sure folks will end up also listing the rappers they hate, that's fine, but I'm more interested in which rappers the entire world hates. For example, I hate Mike Posner in an irrational way. Something about that dude just makes me throw up in my mouth, but there's no way he's lands on a Most Hated List. To use Kanye again, he's one of my favorite rappers of all-time, but I'm seriously considering placing him at the top of the Most Hated List.

Got it? Let's go....

UPDATE: Now that I think about it, I might have to nominate Ice-T as the most hated rapper alive. America may love him now, but after "Cop Killer" that man inspired massive protests across the country, and a congressional hearing. Fucking Congress took the time to talk about how he should be stopped - now that's hate.

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