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Gucci Mane Doesn’t Ruin “Spotlight” ft. Usher (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 10/21/09 | Filed under Downloads, Gucci Mane
Gucci Mane, Spotlight
It's not that I hate Gucci Mane, it's that I'm confused by him. Or more accurately, I'm confused by why everyone else seems to like him so much. Suddenly the man's guesting on more tracks than Weezy, and not always for the best ("LOL Smiley Face" was a travesty and his work on Mario's "Break Up' was decent at best). So believe me, I feel a little odd saying this, but I'm kind of digging Gucci's new "Spotlight" single. The production's dope, Usher does the damn thing on the hook and, yes, Gucci's flow is pretty damn catchy. In other words, it's the kind of track I'll enjoy for about a week until radio overplays it so much I want to kill myself every time it comes on. Until then....

More importantly, I'm frankly worried about Usher. His last album didn't go very well, probably because it was about as exciting as watching paint dry, but now it looks like he's overreacting in an attempt to get back into jumping on every popular track he can. And his quasi-single "Papers"? An entire song about divorce proceeding? Terrible call. I'm an enormous Usher fan, but things aren't looking good for the new album.

To download "Spotlight" click here or here. You can also listen below.

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Play Gucci Mane ft. Usher - Spotlight

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