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What’s the Greatest Rapper/Producer Combo of All-Time?

Posted by Nathan S. on 07/17/13 | Filed under Top Stories, Debates, RH Nation Answers
I like to think of RefinedHype Nation as a family. A deeply dysfunctional, alcoholic, sex-addicted, rap nerd family, but a family none the less. And despite whatever faults they may have, a family listens to each other. So when y'all come up with a dope idea for, say, a new "Question of the Week", I'm going to steal your idea and pretend like I came up with it give you credit where credit's due:

Excellent point sir. Especially with Run the Jewels in serious contention for album of the year, there may not be a better time to dig into the topic. Although I'm going to make one significant tweek. Duo is interesting, but I'm going to open things up a little bit more with Combo. Duo literally means one producer, one rapper (aka Run the Jewels, Erik B. & Rakim). But also means we can't talk about something like Dr. Dre and Snoop, who were never officially a "duo", or The Neptunes and The Clipse, who were never a duo or even an official group, but made at least one classic album essentially together. And I don't even want to confine things to hip-hop - why not bring in R&B?

So for the record, this one's pretty wide open. To qualify a producer(s) has to have made at least one song with an artist(s). That's it. But, since we're determining the GOAT, depth will matter. How much dope music did they make together, and just how truly dope was that music? For example, Timbaland and Jay-Z have made some great music together, but until "MCHG", they actually hadn't made many songs together.

Now, I've given this some serious thought, and there are obviously a lot of options. Gang Star also has to be mentioned, Timbo and Aaliyah have made some amazing shit, I think Talib Kweli and Hi-Tek are consistently under-rated, but ultimately there could be only one: RZA and Wu-Tang:

The legend of Wu-Tang has become so common in so many ways that I feel like we've almost forgotten how fucking incredible RZA is. With relatively rare exceptions, he straight up produced EVERY track on every Wu-Tang album, albums that were classics as much because of their sonic dopeness as their unstoppable lyrical firepower. Wu-Tang is the greatest, Wu-Tang forever.

Frankly I don't know who's going to top Wu-Tang, but as always, reading RefinedHype Nation's picks are always fascinating. Have at it people...

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