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Help Me Find the Next Greatest Random Rapper Alive

Posted by Nathan S. on 04/22/13 | Filed under Opinion

Believe it or not, being a famous and powerful breathing rap blogger has its downside. Literally hundreds of people hit you up every day, and even if they sound cool, you know they're really just looking to get something from you. Which is why I fucking love it when I stumble across some truly random dopeness. in fact, I love it so much that I'm issuing a challenge: RefinedHype, help me find the best random rapper on the planet.

Before we get started, I obviously need to define "random". (Note for RefinedHype regulars, I'm loosely basing this definition off "Random Hot Chicks".)

We're not talking underground rappers, up next rappers or rappers that are only known in their city (even if their city is random, word to Davenport, Iowa). We're talking guys no one outside their family and friends even know can rap, and most of their family might not even know. Guys who don't even have any real plans to ever become famous rappers, guys who just love rap for the sake of rap...and just so happen to be fucking dope.

I know I'm going to get hit up by a bunch of rappers looking to get their video featured here - that's actually a perfect test. If you go through the trouble of contacting me to promote yourself, by definition you're no longer random. The last two articles I titled "Random Dopenss" (Obelo and S.T. 2 Lettaz)? For these purposes their not random enough.

The best example I've ever come across is Alpoko Don. Ironically, since this video was released it's gone "viral", he's gained some small measure of internet fame and professionalizaed his operation. But all of that came after the video was recorded. The quality that made it go viral in the first place was its randomness - this was clearly just a guy rapping on the porch to kill time, and he was fucking dope.

So now that Aploko has gone from "random" to "just slightly above random", I'm looking for the next Aploko (so to speak), someone who, if even for a couple minutes, embodies rap at its purest. And I'm willing to bet someone in RefinedHype Nation has stumbled across that guy's YouTube video late at night.

Have at it people, the doper and more random-er the better. What you got?

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