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What’s the Greatest Guest Verse of All-Time?

Posted by Nathan S. on 03/13/13 | Filed under Opinion, Debates, RH Nation Answers
This is a question I'd be scared of posing to a a general hip-hop audience, but RefinedHype Nation isn't your general hip-hop audience: What's the Greatest Guest Verse of All-Time?

But some rap-nerd level thought into it, and it's actually not such an easy question. I'm factoring in not only the dopeness of the guest verse, but the importance and impact of the guest verse as well.

For example, Busta Rhyme's verse on "Scenario" is a classic amongst classics, but even that gigantic impact is dulled when you consider that "Scenario" is more of a cypher track. Still, Busta on "Scenario" is my old school (meaning pre-2000) pick.

But of all-time? I think I might have to go with Ludacris on "Yeah". Not only did Luda kill that verse, but it became one of the biggest hits in modern music history. Given both the quality of the verse itself, its success (number one for 12 weeks), and Luda's significant role in that success, it's gonna be hard to top "Yeah":

I'd also like to nominate Nas on "Triple Beam Dreams", which I can't really go with because it's off a mixtape, but sweet baby jesus, that verse is incredible. And this I'm really only talking about hip-hop here, not R&B, but I have to mention Keyshia Cole's on Diddy's "Last Night". Without her that song doesn't even chart, let alone go top ten.

Have at it people, what's your pick?

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