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Gilbere Forte Swears “I Know My Love” (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 07/07/10 | Filed under Downloads, Gilbere Forte
Gilbere Forte I Know My Love
I won't front. I'm really digging Gilbere Forte's music, but I didn't think neccesarily think the dude had the potential to truly blow up - until today when I heard his new cut "I Know My Love". Can you blame me? After all, his last track was a cover of a crazy indie folk band named Freelance Whales and he just did a video entirely featuring his shoes. Unlike that dopely experimental cut, "I Know My Love" is an uptempo cut that somehow manages to be enjoyable, stick in your head and not aggravate the bejeezus out of you (props to producer Rakib "Raak" Uddin). Seriously, if the right folks at radio get a hold of this, it could really be something.

Keep it locked for Forte's upcoming project "87 Dreams", set to drop on the mothership later this month.

Download "I Know My Love" Directly

Get to know Forte's love right now. And yes, I know the Drake comparisons are unavoidable.

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Play Gilbere Forte - I Know My Love

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