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General Awesomeness: That One Time Stacey Dash Masturbated & Smoked Weed Out of An Apple

Posted by Nathan S. on 02/11/13 | Filed under Top Stories, General Awesomeness, Stacey Dash

Over the last five years or so Stacey Dash has been a Mystery Booty favorite, a controversial political celebrity and....actually, that's about it. But thanks to the glories of YouTube, she's apparently decided to stop waiting for roles and create her own with the launch of her new "Stacey Dash Is Normal" series. Think "Louis" or "Curb Your Enthusiasm", only with an incredibly hot woman instead of a old white guy.

Is the show "good"? Well, that depends. How do you feel about Stacey Dash finding some weed, masturbating in a bath tub, flipping a dude gay and then attempting to smoke that weed out of an apple. Cause yeah, all that happens in just episode one. Why are you even reading this after that last sentence? Watch it now.

Ok, watched it? Good. On a closing note, I would like to remind everyone that Stacey Dash is responsible for the most popular single picture in MBOW. Sweet baby jesus, that picture is proof there is a god, and he loves us.


(Word to TSS for the spot.)

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