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This Week in General Awesomeness: Sh*t Talking Reporters, Crate Digging With Lord Finesse & More

Posted by Nathan S. on 02/01/13 | Filed under Humor, General Awesomeness

As you might have noticed, this week we started doing things a little different. RefinedHype Nation has been fiending more more "General Awesomeness" throughout the week. So instead of collecting all the "General Awesomeness" into one weekly collection, we've been posting as they come.

But never fear, I wouldn't take away the best second best part of your Friday besides getting off work. I'm still throwing down with more "General Awesomeness" than ever below. What can I say, I'm a man of the people.

And without further ado, let's go...

Would You Date Her?

Remember that episode of "Saved By the Bell" where Jessie was concerned she was too tall for any guy to want to date her? I agree, I could never date someone taller than me. But this girl....damn. I don't know what to think.

You Can Never Be Safe Enough

The streets are rough out there, so you better know how to defend yourself from attack - especially from people who are a solid 40 pounds or so. This is hilarious, but on a serious related note, I'm actually scared of this little girl. And before you laugh at me, you better watch that shit too.

Do Not Videobomb This Reporter. Don't Do It

I know, I know, at first glance she looks like just another cute reporter sent down to the Super Bowl. But then some poor, unsuspecting soul drunkard wanders into the shot and...boom! Well played random hot reporter, well played. We here at RefinedHype Nation can always appreciate a good STD joke. We salute you.

Crate Digging With Lord Finesse

Come on, do you really care about that shit with Mac Miller. Let it go. Embrace your inner rap-nerd and watch one of the best producers of all-time break down how he came up with beats for Biggie.

This Week in Boobs Are Awesome

Ah boobs, making things better just a little bit better since the dawn of time.

In Case You Missed It...

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The Best of the Rest:

* This Fan Getting Hugtackled By LeBron James After Hitting A Half-Court Hook Shot Is The Greatest Thing Ever
* Hearse Hits Up Burger King Drive Thru So Deceased Man Can Buy One Last Whopper
* Glen Davis Loudly And Clearly Tells The Ball To “Get The Fuck In There”
* I was led to believe that people weren’t supposed to be able to move like this (Video)
* Eminem, Prince Fielder And The $10K Jordans In Episode One Of “Detroit Rubber”
* Insane Person Garrett McNamara May Have Ridden A 100-Foot Wave

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