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This Week in General Awesomenes: Will Ferrell’s Super Bowl Ad, The Making of “Drop” & More

Posted by Nathan S. on 02/08/13 | Filed under Humor, General Awesomeness

The interwebs are a wonderful place filled with porn, more porn, and occasionally some other Generally Awesome stuff. That's where I come in. As a balance to the ever popular "Fails of the Week", below is some of the best the world has to offer in the form of Will Ferrell's Super Bowl ad, the making of the Pharcyde's classic "Drop" video and much more.


Welcome to the Next 12 Minutes of Your Life

You know those YouTube videos that are just quasi-inspirational compilations of other videos, and you know it was only created to rack up eleventy-million views, but you just can't help yourself and you watch it too because there's just something inherent in humans that wants to watch other humans do awesome shit?

Yeah, this is one of those videos. Oh, and as long as we're on the subject of viral videos you can't help but watch, you seen this toddler trick shot flick?

The Making Of The Pharcyde’s “Drop”

Pharcyde's "Drop" is literally my favorite video of all-time, so yeah, I know I'm on my rap nerd shit, but fuck it, you better believe I watched every second of this "Making Of" video while taking notes. Plus, not like we needed any additional confirmation, but this is proof that Tre was higher than Jesus himself at all times.

Will Ferrell's The Fucking Best

While other companies were paying millions of dollars to get their completely forgettable ads on during the Super Bowl, Will Ferrell created a Super Bowl ad for Old Milwaukee beer that only ran in North Platte, Neb., the second-smallest TV market in the country. Oh, and it consists entirely of Will making out with an old Asian woman on a bus.

Sweet baby jesus Ferrell is fucking awesome.

This Week in Boobs Are Awesome

Boobs, making the world just a little bit better since...forever.

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