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Looks Like Game, Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg May Have Just Failed Their “Drug Test” (Listen & Download)

Posted by Danielle Harling on 08/01/11 | Filed under Top Stories, Downloads, Snoop Dogg, Game, Dr. Dre
Game Snoop Dogg Dr. Dre

I see you Game. Release an awful diss track so when you do leak tracks from your album we're kind of paying attention to you. I suppose that makes sense. Just days after Game's "Infrared" track was leaked it seems that we've got ourselves yet another "R.E.D. Album" leak this time in the form of the DJ Khalil produced song "Drug Test." Since "Drug Test" features both Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre it was easily one of the albums most anticipated tracks. Unfortunately, "Drug Test" seems to fall short. First off, at only two minutes and 53 seconds long the song is incredibly short. Snoop's verse was so short that I don't even feel right calling it a verse. I will instead refer to it as a "comment." Snoop's "comment" was cool though.

Secondly, was some type of weird audio technique used on "Drug Test?" Because with the exception of Snoop Dogg no one sounded like themselves on the song. Dr. Dre didn't quite sound like Dr. Dre and Game sounded off as well. Overall there was just way too much talent on "Drug Test" for it to be nothing more than mediocre.

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Play Game ft. Snoop Dogg & Dr. Dre - Drug Test

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