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Game Takes Shots at 50 Cent on “Blood of Christ” Because Of Course He Does (Listen)

Posted by Nathan S. on 12/11/12 | Filed under Downloads, Game
For the record I still haven't listened to Game's "Jesus Piece" album. Actually, it's kind of weird to say "still" considering it officially dropped last night, but I guess that's life in the interwebs age. Anyway, I'm still digesting Big Boi's "VLADR", but the consensus is that it's surprisingly dope.

But why are we surprised a Game album is dope? At this point he's got a pretty consistently dope to decent catalog that stretched nearly a decade. Yet I was surprised when his last album turned out to be dope too. Why am I consistnely surprised when the man actually makes good music?

To answer my own question, because he seems so much more invested in promoting drama/beef/ridiculousness than his music. So the fact that a track like "Blood of Christ" which takes shot after shot at 50 Cent and the G-Unit crew (what remains of them anyway) was on the deluxe edition of "Jesus Piece" should be as un-surprising as it gets.

After all, beef sells records, right? Although maybe if Game would take the beef off the grill for a minute his actual records could sell records.

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