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Forever Mackin? Rap Lines That Turned Out Completely Wrong

Posted by Nathan S. on 04/09/13 | Filed under Humor, Opinion
In the course of running "Rap Lines That Make No Fucking Sense" I'll occasionally come across a line that made perfect sense at the time, but in retrospect ended up being completely wrong, or at the very least not nearly as cool as it first sounded.

Ironically, I'm not sure if that explanation made any fucking sense. This is the type of thing you only notice if you just so happen to listen to rappity rap nearly every waking moment of your life. I think it'll be obvious what I mean once I start getting into examples.


Jay-Z "Big Pimpin"

Then: "Me give my heart to a woman? / Not for nothing, never happen, I be forever mackin."

Now: Yeah, about that....

It turns out you can make a lot more money as the handcuffed husband of a superstar than as an immortal pimp, so it's no surprise that Hova's "forever mackin" turned out to be more like "Forever mackin...or whenever I get at chance at this. Whichever comes first."

(By the way, I have this fantasy about interviewing Jay-Z and asking him how he feels about that line now. But if I ever got the chance to actually interview him, I'd almost definitely pussy out and ask him what his favorite food at the Barclays Center is or some bullshit.)

ScHoolboy Q "There He Go"

Then: "Word to Dr. Dre, 'Detox' is like a mix away."

Now: There's a very good chance that "Detox" actually was just a mix away when ScHoolboy said that in 2012. And then, like he's done approximately eleven billion times before, Dre scrapped the album and decided to focus on injecting steroids making headphones.

Considering "Detox" is never dropping, this is one of those lines that's just going to get wrong-er with each passing year. Like a fine wine, except the exact opposite.

Yung Joc "Yea Boy"

Then: "Lord knows how much you'll hear my name now that my album droppin."

Now: His label Jive got disbanded and folded into RCA, apparently no one at RCA gave a fizz-uck about Yung Joc, and the aforementioned album "Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood" is now on "Detox" status.

Other than that, things have gone exactly according to plan for Mr. Joc.

Rick Ross "Fuck 'Em"

Then: "Thought I wouldn't make it, now I'm winning...Timothy Tebow / Fourth quarter, I'm back."

Now: Let that be a lesson to all your rappers and football fans out there. If someone's rattling off a seemingly miraculous streak of improbable victories, you might want to wait a minute before proclaiming their greatness.

Otherwise, a couple years could pass and that guy you were using as a "just like me, no one believed in him but he still made it!" analogy could have just spent a season essentially riding the bench and on the fast track to the CFL.

(In two years Tebow will probably make another miraculous comeback and I'll have to do a "Rap Lines I Thought Were Going to Turn Out Completely Wrong...But Then Turned Out to be Completely Right" posts. It'll be like looking at a mirror in a mirror.)

Waka Flocka "Hard in the Paint"

Then: "See Gucci, that's my mothafuckin nigga."

Now: Let's just say the times have changed...

As always, I expect RefinedHype Nation to come up with at least a couple more dope examples. Hit me in the comments below and I'll update. Enjoy...

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