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Have You Heard Cam Meekins? How Do We Feel About Cam Meekins?

Posted by Nathan S. on 01/15/13 | Filed under Cam Meekins
Do you have any idea how many rappers there are? According to the last U.S. census, exactly eleventy-million, which means that even though I spend an absurd amount of time listening to new music, I'll still get occasionally berated by people screaming some version of, "You haven't heard [insert rapper name here]? You don't know shit."

The latest [insert rapper name here] is Cam Meekins, who I'd been berated for not knowing enough times to finally break down and check out. An hour of listening later I knew he was legit enough to bring to RefinedHype Nation, but not much else. Let's start with "Rain":

So yeah, he obviously has the "nerdy looking white guy who can actually rap" thing going for him, but is there more to Cam then some clever punchlines? Can he put some substance and/or storytelling into his raps? "The Receipt" would suggest the answer is yes:

Huh, well then. Not exactly the second coming of Nas, but enough to seriously leave me wondering; how good is this dude? It's a question I've been circling around for a minute now, and one I'm now presenting to RefinedHype Nation.

For the record, I'm not asking if this Cam will blow up/be the next big thing/etc. If I asked that we'd inevitably just end up talking about the way the music industry works in 2013 in general, and I'm not interested in the music industry in general. I'm interested in finding new (or new-ish) artists that I should be at least be paying some attention to.

So how about it folks, how good is this kid? (For the record, I honestly don't know myself, which is why I'm asking for a collective second opinion from y'all.) A lot more music here and here for those feeling properly inspired to do their research.

Enjoy, or not...

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