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What Are Your Favorite Song Moments?

Posted by Nathan S. on 03/05/14 | Filed under Opinion, RH Nation Answers, Bonus Points

First and foremost all praise due to the almighty Bauce Sauce, who first asked this question on ye olde Twitter and got me thinking about it. If I wasn't a moron I would have favorited his tweet and embedded it here, but alas, I'm a moron. So....moving on.  

Instead of this week's "Question of the Week" being a debate, this is more one of those "let's all share some dope music and celebrate that we have amazing music in our lives" type things. Pretty straightforward: We spend a lot of time talking about albums and songs, but really, sometimes it's just that one moment, that five seconds when the drums really kick in or your favorite rappers says that one ad-lib, those moments can make or break a song. Is "All Gold Everything" half the hit it was if James never says "Popped a molly I'm sweatin, whoo!!"? If you listened to that song, or saw James live, you were really only there for that moment. 

Relax, don't get your gold panties in a bunch, I'm not actually picking James as one of my favorite moments - that was just an example that popped into my head because the workings of the human brain are mysterious. If I'm actually giving this some serious thought, in no particular order: 

Kanye West "All of the Lights" 

This shit still sounds so epic. At the 1:35 mark - after we've already gotten the extended orchestral intro and the horns have kicked in - for the entire beat to finally hit feel liks such a fucking payoff. And if I can be allowed two moments in one song, when Kanye says, "She need her daddy, baby please, can't let her grow up in that ghetto university" it starts to get a little dusty in el casa de Slavik. As a father that's my worst nightmare, hits me harder than maybe any Kanye line ever, and it's far from his most notable/quotable/famous otherwise. Just goes to show how intensely personal these moments can be. 

Kendrick Lamar "Sing About Me" 

I remember hearing this for the first time and immediately rewinding it when those gun shots rang out at about the 1:58 mark. Did I actually just hear that? The narrative structure of the song is incredible, but it's that little touch that really elavates the song; I can't recall anyone cutting off a verse mid-sentence like that before. And he does something similiar in the second verse, when he slowly fades out his voice after saying "I'll never fade away". I'll argue "GKMC" is a classic album all day, and it's actually small moments like this that really makes it a classic. 

Hum "Stars"

I was actually a little embarrassed to include this, bringing up an obscure band just feels so hipstery, but fuck it. This is one of my favorite moments and y'all can't tell me nothing. The guitar burst at the :45 second mark feels like a moment, but it's really just setting the table for 1:14. Sweet baby jesus, when that wall of sound finally fully kicks in it makes me wish I was an amazing obscure indie band so fucking bad. 

So there's three from me to get us started. I could do this all fucking day, but I'm actually more excited to see what y'all come up with. Have at it RefinedHype Nation. Any artist, any genre, any era, what are some of your favorite song moments? 

(B...b...b...b...wait it gets worse. Lucas and I used this opportunity to start our new "Bonus Points" podcast, where we'll add some color commentary to articles. For this one we go over four more picks: Allen Stone's "Unaware", Aesop Rock's "No Regrets", Queen's "Bohemian Rapsody" and Jay Z' "U Don't Know (Remix)". Enjoy...or hate it and tell us and we'll pretend like this never happened. Either/or.)

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