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What’s Your Favorite Rock Band of All-Time?

Posted by Nathan S. on 09/11/13 | Filed under Opinion, Debates, RH Nation Answers, Non Hip-Hop

Around these parts I've been known to break down hip-hop in absurd detail, especially when it comes to a new "Question of the Week". We've now debated everything from the "Greatest Guest Verseof All-Time" to the "Best Album Intro".

But as much of a certified rap nerd as I am, this week I wanted to really switch things up. As big as my hip-hop music collection is, I have just as many rock albums on deck. So I thought it'd be dope for people to share some of their favorite non rappity rap artists - hopefully we can all pick up a few new groups to add to our own playlists. This obviously isnt one of those topics that has a wrong or right answer; sometimes that's exactly what we need in the age of internet forum debates.

I'd like to believe that my love for classic R&B (Sam Cooke, Billie Holiday) is already well documented, but what I don't get a chance to talk about as much are my rock roots. Yes, even this humble rap blogger as played in some shitty rock bands in his day, and growing up I was just as likely to be at a Metallica concert as a Jay-Z show. So, what's your favorite rock group of all-time?

Specifics? Well, as I just mentioned Metallica's "Black" album was pretty influential for me and in retrospect served as my gateway to the more punk bands I ended up digging, like Pennywise and Social Distortion. On the other end of the spectrum, I'm man enough to admit that I bought the first couple Coldplay albums and thought they were really dope, and definitely went through a quasi-emo rock phase where I was constantly playing bands like Sunny Day Real Estate and early Jimmy Eat World.

But really the group that I stan-ed out the most on was the Detones. I've been to approximately 40 million Deftones shows, and was legitimately crushed when Chi Cheng passed away, although I hope it was for the best for him, the band and his family. Ultimately I think what I dug about the Deftones so much was the way they combined bone crushing aggression with real beauty, often in the same track. Come to think of it, that's exactly what I like in my favorite rappers (like Ghostface, who can be weirdly hilarious one second and terrifying the next).

Yes, I know it's a little shocking for some of you to hear me talk about loving the Deftones as much as I love Mos Def, but surprise, it turns out I'm an actual person who loves all sort of different music; if it connects with me, it connects with me. And you know what? I'm willing to bet there a lot of actual people out there in RefinedHype Nation who can talk about Dilla in one sentence and Led Zeppelin in the next.

Now's your chance...

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