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Happy B-Day Slim Shady - What’s Your Favorite Eminem Song of All-Time?

Posted by Nathan S. on 10/17/12 | Filed under Top Stories, Eminem

(It was the '90s, everyone dressed like this.)

Today one Marshall Mathers (aka Eminem, aka Slim Shady, aka the Shady Records general) turns 40-years-old, and it also marks two decades since his very first official release. So I thought there'd be no better time than to take a little trip down memory lane with Slim.

Eminem's one of those artists that have done so much dope shit I guarantee you've forgotten most of it until you really do start digging back through the archives. The first time I heard Em was on the Wake Up Show, when he delivered a freestyle the likes of which I'd never heard. I literally still remember where I was when I first heard it; driving down Comm Ave in Boston in my '90 Pontiac LE with 88.9 WERS playing.

It'd be ridiculous for me to claim I even remotely saw Em's success coming when I heard that freestyle, no one did, but it did put Em firmly on my radar, and since then like so many others Marshall's been on automatic-listen status.

As for my favorite Eminem song of all-time? That Wake Up Freestyle holds a special place in my memory, as does his ridiculous cut off "SoundBombing II", but I think when all is said and done I find myself going back to "The Way I Am" more than any other tracks.

I can't really explain it coherently....although I'm a fucking writer so maybe I should try. I guess in the end "The Way I Am" has a little bit of everything I dig about Em: the brutal open honesty, the lyricism, the passionate delivery, it just hits so motherfucking hard. Plus it might just the best beat he's ever done. Maybe the fact that I have to resort to F-bombs to describe it is the best evidence I can offer of how dope that cut is.

So how about it RefinedHype Nation? What's your favorite Em cut? There's sure to be some debate in the comments below, but on the real I'd rather have this be less of a debate and more of a "oh yeah, that shit was dope too" sharing session.

Have at it people......

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