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What’s Your Favorite Album of All-Time?

Posted by Nathan S. on 02/20/13 | Filed under Opinion
I like to consider RefinedHype Nation a kind of digital bar, a bar that refuses to serve drinks that take longer than 30 seconds to make. And in this bar we're all getting hammered drunk and bullshitting about hip-hop. So basically my actual life, but on the interwebs.

We've had some good debates over the years in RefinedHype's bar - this one and this one are classics - but today I realized we've never really gone over an an absolutely essential topic: your Favorite Album of All-Time.

To be clear, this isn't a discussion about the best album of all-time. Once we start talking "best" we've got to start talking about sales, its influence on hip-hop in general, etc. Fuck that. I'm far more interested in hearing about your favorite album. The one album you've played more than any other, the one you've memorized every word to.

Personally, the decision was agonizing, but I have to go with Mos Def's "Black on Both Sides". "Fishscale" was a very close second, Ghostface Killah is my favorite rapper of all-time, but ultimately I have to go with Mos. I remember the summer when "Black on Both Sides" dropped, and I spent about two months straight listening to nothing else. Not only does is it dope, but in retrospect it's the album that truly made me fall in love with hip-hop as a culture. Without exaggeration, if Mos didn't drop that album, I don't know if I'm working in hip-hop today.

Alright folks, have at it. I'm stoked to see what albums RefinedHype selects. Oh, and no "I can't pick just one" shit where you end up listing ten albums. The entire point is to pick JUST ONE. Have some cojones.

Let's do it...

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