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Fails of the Week: Jimmy Kimmel’s Epic Faked Twerk, Diddy’s Hiring & More

Posted by Nathan S. on 09/13/13 | Filed under Humor, Fails of the Week, Fails

The dictionary defines "Schadenfreude" as pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others. In that case, we're about to get Schadenfreude like a motherfucker up in this piece.

For the latest edition of "Fails of the Week" (aka your favorite running column that doesn't involve random hot girls) I tackle Jimmy Kimmel's epic fake twerk video, Diddy's job search and much more.


Fakin the Twerk
Remember last Friday's "Fails of the Week" when I posted that video of the girl lighting herself on fire twerking and said it was probably fake? Well, turns out it was - it was all part of a not-so-elaborate plot by Jimmy Kimmel that worked to fucking perfection. The fact that so many "credible" news outlets ran with this story without even throwing out the "maybe fake" disclaimer that RefinedHype, a fucking rap blog that also just posts pictures of boobs, did is balls crazy. Also, Jimmy Kimmel is the man.
Who Wants to Get Cheesecake For Diddy?

So, Diddy launched a new online/TV channel called Revolt, which might not be the best name considering how close it is to "revolting", but anyway...he's looking for some people to work for him. Now listen, I know, Diddy's famous and you think working for Diddy is going to make you a superstar. But let's just take a look at how some other people who have worked for Diddy have turned out. There's....these people, this guy, this guy, this girl, of course this guy; and those are just the first examples that pop in my head.

I'm just saying people, proceed with caution...

Mall Fights With Gucci Mane

Want a little window into my life? Among the literally hundreds of emails I get a day, yesterday I see the subject line "Gucci Mane Fights at Lenox Mall", and because I'm a worse person than I wish I was, and because Gucci's been so balls crazy lately, I watch it. It's not so much Gucci fighting as it is Gucci Mane knuckling up like a 20s boxer and then walking away, because that's probably the kind of shit that happens to him every day. This is essentally everything that's wrong with modern civilization in 30 seconds, including the fact that I'm posting it. So, you know, enjoy!


I know this is "old" by internet terms, but what can I say, I haven't actually seen everything semi-related to rap that's every happened. And since I assume you haven't either, here's Drake failing to start his Bugatti. It's like when I get a rental car and can't figure out where the fucking button is to open the trunk, only $1 more expensive. It's always good to se famous people make really normal mistakes. *Watches Kanye walk into a sign for the 378th time.*

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"I didn’t know you could erase on the computer." - 2 Chainz

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