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Fails of the Week: French Montana Gets Delusional, Donald Trump Sues Mac Miller & More

Posted by Nathan S. on 02/01/13 | Filed under Humor, Fails of the Week, Fails
Just like "General Awesomeness", RefinedHype Nation has been asking me for more "Fails". And since I'm a man of the people, I've now been posting them throughout the week instead of holding onto them for one Friday collection.

But never fear, sweet baby jesus has still blessed us with more than enough failure to go around. So behold, the new and (hopefully) improved "Fails of the Week", featuring French Montana's ridiculous claim, Donald Trump suing Mac Miller and a whole lot more.

Let's do the damn thing...

Is This The Face of the Decade's Best Rapper?

Before this video I wasn't a French Montana fan, but I didn't care enough to dislike him either. But now? I know no one says "This album's going to be mediocre at best!", but claiming it's going to be the best album of the last decade? Decade? Is he maybe confused about how long a decade is? The best album to come out that week by French Montana, ok, I'll buy that. But better than "MBDTF" and "Life Is Good" and "GKMC" and three hundred other albums I could name? I echo Samuel Jackonson's sentiments.

Shut The Fork Up

I believe it was Dave Chapelle who said that if you see a white guy in the ghetto, that's who you should really be scared of. You know he's got to be really fucking crazy for all those black guys to trust him. Consider "My Fork" four minutes of evidence to support that theory, set to music. And I use the term "music" loosely.

Let's just hope this doesn't start a utensil rap trend. (Blame @YoungBogusBoy.)

Who's Next Up in the Sue Mac Miller Sweepstakes

Remember that "This Week in Hype" podcast with Matt Diamond when I said "When in doubt, sue Mac Miller"? No, well I said it, and now that shit sounds prophetic.

After Mac Miller essentially said that Donald Trump was a dick in an interview, Trump decided to prove that he was a complete dick by threatening to sue Miller.

Trump has no legal grounds, Miller naming a song or video after Trump is obviously fair use, but that might not stop Trump from suing just to make Miller spend some cash on legal fees. Unfortunately, I can't exactly pull my support for anything Trump does considering I already don't support anything he does, but still, it's now Fuck DP all day around these parts.

Mo money, mo problems indeed.

Strong, Independent & Atrocious

Here's what really needs to happen. This video has one comment on YouTube, from one Mr. Stephen Ruffin. And I quote, "THATS WHATS UP." We need to track down Ruffin asap. He might literally be the only human being alive who thinks this video is, what's up. Scientists clearly have to quarantine him before whatever brain disease he has spreads. (Blame @Incredible_BAM.)

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