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Fails of the Week: Drake Fans, Stephon Marbury, Kelis vs. PETA & More

Posted by Nathan S. on 01/19/10 | Filed under Features, Fails of the Week
Schadenfreude is a psychological terms used to describe someone who takes pleasure in the failure of others (aka haters), and while I certainly didn't derive any enjoyment from some of the epic f**k ups below, they were too egregious not to be called out. In the latest of an ongoing series that will include the best...or worst...fails of the week from the world of hip-hop, sports, pop culture and beyond, I dig into the insanity surrounding Drake's latest leak, Stephon Marbury's move to China, the media hype surrounding Kelis and PETA's beef and more...

Drake Lovers on "Love & Gunz"

After it became inevitable that the track would be leaked producers Tha Bizness decided to let go of a snippet of their new track with Drizzy, "Love & Gunz". Now this was a smart move by Tha Bizness, if you can't beat em join em - no, the fail hear is on the part of every hip-hop fan who acted like this was a holy grail and flooded internet forums either blasting the track or defending its greatness. People, this is a motherf**king snippet of a song that wasn't even finished. It's not even a minute long. Calm..the f**k...down.

Asian Guy Who Tries Singing Jeremiah's "Birthday Sex"

Yeah, yeah, I know what you're thinking. A video of a Asian guy horribly singing American music? It's funny, but I've seen it before. But wait my friends, did you wait until the end of the video? joke could possibly do this one justice, so I'm just going to have to let it speak for itself. Moment of silence please...

Stephon Marbury Signs to Chinese Team

At one time Stephon Marbury was a temperamental but undeniably talented first-round draft pick and two-time All-Star who had to be included in any "best scoring guards alive" conversation. And now? Now he's headed off to the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) to play for Shanxi, a team that has the second worst record in the league. So not only is Stephon forced to play ball in China, only the New Jersey Nets of the CBA would sign him. Hmmm...I wonder what could have contributed to his downfall?

Kelis vs. Peta
Kelis Fur

I'm giving a huge fail to the media this week for picking up the Kelis vs. PETA beef story. To recap, PETA wrote a letter to Kelis blasting here for wearing fur, and Kelis responded with a barely comprehensible response "letter" that included such classic lines as "If I started wearing endangered animals like polar bear or orangutan then talk to me. (Which btw for the record I would not - I do believe in the preservation of endangered species)." You're welcome orangutans, In other words, PETA and Kelis were screaming at each other and seemingly every hip-hop outlet in the country rushed to cover the story like it was a UN hearing on nuclear arms proliferation. Come on people, you know you don't have to post every press release that hits your inbox? Right?

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