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Exclusive Preview of Flud Watches’ Fall 2009 Catalog: Enter to Win a Free Watch!

Posted by Nathan S. on 09/16/09 | Filed under Contests, Watches, Flud, Men's Fashion, Women's Fashion
Hip-hop is all about timing, and that’s why Flud Watches are quickly becoming a favorite of hip-hop heads everywhere. Established in 2007, Flud Watches takes classic styles and flips them with modern day street style. In other words, Flud is all about making dope watches without the pretentiousness or price tag.

Fresh from a 2008 line that featured pieces like The Timeout, a watch that also serves as a basketball court, Flud Watches is now preparing to launch its Fall 2009 catalog. Flud is currently keeping their 2009 line-up on the down low, but Refined Hype was granted an exclusive sneak peak of their new roster, including a never before seen look at their new TableTurns Rocksmith Edition. Here are the highlights:

The Limited Edition TableTurns Rocksmith – One of Flud’s original signature watches, TableTurns was an innovative watch whose face doubled as a turntable. This year they’re joining forces with Rocksmith to produce an updated version featuring a stainless steel case, automatic skeleton motion and a leather band. (See picture above). This is the first time the world has been able to see the new TableTurns, and I have to say I’m more than a little impressed. Who says the sequel is never as good as the original?

The Word Class
– For the international man of luxury comes the World Class, a watch with three hand movements, interchangeable leather and steel bands and dial characteristics in nine world languages: You know, just in case you’ve got a meeting in New York in the morning and a party to hit in Hong Kong at night.

The Big Ben – Another Flud classic, the Big Ben is being released with some new features. The oversized alloy case and roman numeral indexes are the same, but now it will come with an available with interchangeable mesh, leather and colored silicone bands.

Like what you’re seeing? Wrist feeling a little light? Refined Hype and Flud Watches are giving away eight fresh watches from Flud’s 2009 catalog, including four exclusive watches from the Fall line-up.

Just sign up to become a member of Refined Hype and be entered to win a chance to be one of the first people on your block rocking a new Flud.

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