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F**k With Eminem and He’ll “Drop The Bomb on Em” (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 12/07/09 | Filed under Downloads, Eminem
Eminem Relapse the Refill
Here's my theory: Once Eminem sobered up long enough to actually leave his house he quickly realized that not only was rap in trouble, but he had almost entirely lost his place in the game. This stirred the old competitive 8 Mile fire in Slim Shady and ever since then he's been on a mission to prove he's still not to be f**ked with on the mic, seen most prominently in his open decision to kill everyone else on "Forever". The latest salvo in his comeback tour is "Drop The Bomb On Em", a Dr. Dre produced cut (hence the piano line and booming bass) that serves as a stern warning to any emcee thinking of starting beef with Slim.

I'd like to echo Eminem's sentiments and send a special shout out to Kanard from "The Wire". Not that was one hard little kid. On the real, that kid could come at me with a juice box and I would take off running.

To get your prescription for insane lyricism filled now, listen to the track below right now.

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