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Eminem Drops New “MMLP2” Song, Interwebs Go “Berzerk” (Listen)

Posted by Lucas G. on 08/26/13 | Filed under Top Stories, Eminem, Berzerk
Let the MMLP2 hype begin! Last night during the VMA’s Eminem announced his forthcoming project, the "Marshall Mathers LP 2" (the sequel to his legendary 2000 album) with a 16 second video. While Em has been a ghost these past few years, it looks like he is poised to return and take over the rap game starting now and lasting until well beyond when "MMLP2' drops on November 5th. Few emcees can disappear into the abyss only to reemerge with hype like they never left; Em is one of those emcees. No matter what he does or when he does it, Marshall is such a force that it will garner attention. His latest single off "MMLP2", “Berzerk”, hit the Internet tonight and will definitely have a “Control”-like response; good luck escaping this song (and album) for the next few months.

Rick Rubin is on the boards, chopping up Billy Squier’s “The Stroke”, which, if you don’t recognize from "Billy Madison", you might want to go watch it again.

As for the song itself, it has a real, hip-hop/punk feel too it which will likely draw comparisons to the Beastie Boys. While it is Beastie Boys-esque (it even has a few chops from the group) Em’s flow is all his own. I know Eminem has always been frenzied but on this, his flow is all over the place. At points I really like it, but each is way different from the last and at random points, Em changes his flow into something completely different; it’s hard to get your bearings. It’s not bad, but a lot to handle on the first few listens. The lyrics are vintage Em. He is oddly colorful, unapologetic, and even takes a few shots at a few famous people like Lamar Odom, Chloe Kardashian, and Future.

Whether or not you like it, expect to hear this song everywhere for the next few months. Very few artist have the power and scope Em does, so you know this will be buzzworthy. I haven’t quite decided if I like it or not, but I will have plenty of time to make up my mind. Now, without further adieu let the conversation begin!

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