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Dynas Shows Off His “Family Jewels” (Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 10/13/09 | Filed under Downloads, Dynas

Hailing from Miami and known as the "Rap Mayor", Dynas has just released his album "The Apartment." Fresh off the album, here's fan favorite "Family Jewels", an old school boom-bap styled joint featuring Slick Rick and produced by DJ Spinna.

The Refined Take:
1) Damn, Slick Rick is still spitting crazy bars. I feel like's he been largely relegated to the past, but on the real, his present work is absolutely ill.
2) I feel strangely compelled to apologize for giving you the clean version. If I find a version filled with obscenities, I'll be sure to update.
3) I've got so many family jewels/testicle jokes running through my head I can't pick just one. Sorry to disappoint.

To download "Family Jewels" click here or here.

If you're feeling Family Jewels be sure to check out "The Apartment" on BBE, featuring J Dilla, Illastrate, Jazzy Jeff, 9th Wonder, Tony Galvin, Tiye Phoenix, Little Brother, ILL Mind and more.

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