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Candy Painted Dreams: Hitting the Dub Auto Show With Sanctiond (Pics)

Posted by Nathan S. on 04/08/13 | Filed under Opinion, Style, Cars

Full disclosure, I'm not a "car guy". More than once I've heard my friends whistle, turned around expecting to see a beautiful woman, and been disappointed to find a new Ferrari. Sure, I'm not completely immune to the appeal of an expensive foreign car, but I just don't have that car fetish so many others do.

But I do love street art, and the good folks at Sanctiond Automotive Car Care convinced me to come out to the Dub Show Tour in L.A. this weekend by promising me that instead of cookie cutter luxury cars I'd be looking at works of art on wheels (or without wheels, as the case may be). They were completely fucking right. Sanctiond was founded by legendary tattoo artist Mister Cartoon, and the parallels between ink and autos were immediately clear. These cars are painstakingly, meticulously crafted, and personal style reigns supreme.

Rick Ross can keep his Maybach, after an afternoon with Santiond I'd now slap my grandmother for a candy-painted lowrider. (Sorry grandma, I'm sure you understand). Some of my personal favorites are below. If you're feeling automotively inspired looking at these, this is a good place to start, Enjoy some car porn....

Ultimately, I've got to go with this one as my top pick. My mediocre photo skills don't begin to do the detailing on this justice:

You can't front on El Rey. Probably my second favorite car of the day.

And here's the best of the rest....

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