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Drake Brings Out The Goons & Sweaters For “Headlines” Video (Video Breakdown)

Posted by Danielle Harling on 10/03/11 | Filed under Drake, Video Breakdown
Whether or not you like Drake's music you have to admit that the guy does have some interesting music videos. And the music video for his song "Headlines" is no different. This time Drake breaks out the vino and the goons, sports one of his infamous sweaters, and has a good time in an elevator (get your mind out the gutter.)

Drake ~ Headlines (Official Video) from OctobersVeryOwn on Vimeo.

0:15 – Are those baseball gloves? Is it time for the annual Young Money, Cash Money softball game already? My how time flies.

0:23 – I present to you the toughest goons in all of Canada.

0:56 – Whoo is that with the owl sweatshirt?

1:08 – Only Drizzy would bring the hood to a chateau.

1:09 – Cough syrup and Sprite cocktails for everyone!

1:32 – This elevator scene is visually stunning. Seriously though.

1:54 – So Drake couldn’t let us get one video without him wearing one of his Bill Cosby sweaters.

2:32 –Is that a Hermes scarf he’s waving around? I hope not because that’s about as gangster as a litter of kittens.

3:02 – There aren’t many things better than a dinnerless dinner.

3:05 – The song’s over so I’m guessing we’re about to watch Drake nod his head at various locations for almost a minute.

3:25 – Reeeemix!

3:30 – Ahh never mind, Drake just wanted you to know how “Headlines” would sound if you were sippin on that sizzurp.

3:59 – Pretty cool video overall.

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