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Can Drake Still “Do It All?” (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 07/16/10 | Filed under Top Stories, Downloads, Drake
Drake No More Thank Yous
Let's clear some things up first. I can't front, sometimes I wonder if these other writers think about what they put down on the page, or just copy and paste what everyone else is writing and don't bother to do any make sure what they're writing makes no f-ing sense. Let me backtrack.

Today a new Drake track called "Do It All' surfaced, and, thanks I guess to nothing more than some corresponding art work, it's being said it will be off a new Drizzy mixtape called "No More Thank Yous". Confusingly a lot of places reported that the mixtape had already, then why aren't you posting it instead of just one track? It's hard to get bigger than a new Drake mixtape, so considering none of the major sites have the project (as I write this), I think we can all agree it hasn't already dropped. Not even the almighty Google's heard of it. In related news, I'd like to report that the sun is cold.

Others claimed the mixtape will drop later today, although what source they're using as their info I don't know. And that's assuming it's actually an official Drake mixtape. We very well may have "No More Thank Yous" in our hands later today, but if it drops in a week and turns out to be put together by some random dude in Iowa, remember I wrote this.

Anyway, this much we do know for sure. The track is called "Do It All" and was produced by Rob Holladay. The logical guess is that it's a "Thank Me Later" leftover, but that's also so far just a rumor. Oh, and the track's good, not great. Actually, no that I listen to it again, it might be wack.

Download "Do It All'" Directly

Do it all alongside Drizzy right now and listen to the track below.

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Play Drake - Do It All

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