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Introducing Drake’s Angry Kitten Flow

Posted by Nathan S. on 11/14/11 | Filed under Top Stories, Features, Drake
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Love it or hate it, Drake's "Take Care" is one of the biggest album releases of the year, which means a lot of eyes will be on my mothership review (dropping tonight), which means I've actually spend a lot of time listening to Aubrey over the last few days. Like a lot.

While I'll save my more general thoughts for my review (coming tonight! plug!) I think I've identified two new Drake flows - which is what I imagine biologists feel like when they discover a new species of dolphin or some shit. We've already gone over the first, the High Note Flow, in depth.

So today, with "Take Care" set to drop tomorrow (unless you don't like paying for things and know how to use Google) I thought I'd tackle the second, which I'm calling Drake's Singing An Intimidating Line in the Least Intimidating Way Possible Flow, aka Drake's Angry Kitten Flow.

I know the name's not exactly short, but it should be pretty self-explanatory. For reasons only known to God and Aubrey Graham, Drake now insists on rapping intimidating lines, then delivering the most intimidating part of that line in the softest, least intimidating singing voice ever.

Case in point, "Over My Dead Body":

"Don't make me take your life apart boy / You and whoever the fuck gave you your start boy / you wanna be a [sings] motherfuckin funny guyyyyyyyyy..." (2:50)

As a general rule, following the word "motherfucking" with a voice that softer than Kleenex isn't a particularly effective tactic. Trust me, I've called a lot of people motherfuckers.

Of course, the penultimate example of the Angry Kitten Flow occurs on "Headlines""

"You know good and well that you don't wanna problem like that / You gon make someone around me catch a body like that / [sings] Ooooooh no, don't do it." (:45)

And "Marvin's Room" offers an interesting twist:

"Her white friend said 'you niggas crazy' / I hope no one heard that / [sings] cause if they did we gon be in some troubbbbbbbbbbbblllllllllllleeeeee." (4:25)

So the idea is that maybe if you sing about it the black people in the room won't beat your ass? Good luck with that. Let me know how it works out for you.

It's important to note here that unlike the "Elongated Pause Flow" and the "High Note Flow" it appears as if Drake didn't steal this from Big Sean. Probably because Sean doesn't want to sound like an Angry Kitten.

But I'm not going to call this an original flow until I've turned it over to the fine minds at RefinedHype Nation. So how about it people? Any other examples of Drake's Angry Kitten Flow? Any other rappers ever used it?

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