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Doorknocker & Bamboo Earrings: The Ultimate Ode To The 80’s

Posted by Danielle Harling on 01/28/10 | Filed under Women's Fashion
Whoever said fashion recycles itself throughout the years definitely wasn’t lying. A number of trends that were popular in earlier decades have been popping up everywhere these past few years. But hands down the decade that is most mimicked today has to be the 80’s. On any given day a number of people can be found rocking 80’s gear from head to toe.

For the Hip Hop diva, the 80’s inspired doorknocker and bamboo earrings are an absolute must. Although it’s sometimes hard to find anything aside from your standard gold, hoop-shaped earrings, has compiled a list of four doorknocker/bamboo earring’s that are anything but standard.

Tinkerbell “Believe” Bamboo Earrings, $45
Tinkerbell “Believe” Bamboo Earrings

This Tinkerbell-inspired pair of earrings is a throwback to the Disney movie-filled days of many of our childhoods.

“POW!” Bamboo Earrings, $50
“POW!” Bamboo Earrings

This pair of bamboo earrings is perfect for the comic book-loving fashionista. If that particular group of fashionistas even exists...

Triangle-Shaped Door Knocker Earrings, $9.99
Triangle-Shaped Door Knocker Earrings

If you’re looking for an edgy pair of door knocker earrings then this triangle-shaped pair of earrings should do just the trick.

Vintage Door Knocker Earrings, $5.99
Vintage Door Knocker Earrings

Spice up a glam outfit with these vintage-themed pair of door knockers.

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