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Donny Goines Offers “No Apologies” (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 01/23/10 | Filed under Downloads, Donny Goines
Donny Goines No Apologies
Donny Goines, who I'm going to go ahead and call perhaphs the best NY emcee you've (maybe) never heard of, is gearing up to release his upcoming "20x" EP, and to build some justifiable hype today he released his new single "No Apologies". Produced by the always quality M-Phazes, who crafts a gospel-meets rock, organ-heavy beat that bangs hard, "No Apologies' is essentially three straight minutes of Donny going as hard as he can. If you're a weak rapper feeling intimidated, don't worry, it's a completely appropriate reactions.

"A lot of bloggers sleepin, got me feeling like Donny Posturepedic." Classic.

Download "No Apologies" via MediaFire
Download "No Apologies" via UserShare

No need to apologize, just listen to the track below.

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Play Donny Goines - No Apologies

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