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Want “More Fire”? Donnis’ Got You Covered (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 05/26/10 | Filed under Downloads, Donnis
Donnis More Fire
Oh, you heard "Yup" and you want some more dopeness from Donnis? I got you covered. As he continues to build some hype around the release of his "Fashionably Late" mixtape, set to drop the same day as his "Fashionably Late" album (June 22), Donnis has let loose of "More Fire", a slowly bouncing cut produced by Ced Young that once again showcases Donnis' mix of aggression and clever punchlines.

Going into more detail, on the plus side I've got to give props to Donnis for the first Clue ("Kill it with a dagger in the dining room, tell Professor Plum...") and "To Wong Foo" ("watchin my boys turn bitch to wong foo") references I can ever remember hearing. On the other side, didn't Drake already drop an almost identical "Mr. Ripley" line? Or am I thinking of something else. Someone set me straight in the comments below.

And because I never get tired of watching d-bags knocked out, check out Donnis throwing a nasty right hand.

Download "More Fire" w/MediaFire.

Download "More Fire" w/UserShare

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