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There’s Some Grade-A Rapping Going On For DJ Drama’s “We In This B*tch” (Listen & Download)

Posted by Danielle Harling on 02/28/12 | Filed under Downloads, T.I., Young Jeezy, Ludacris, Future
DJ Drama We In This Bitch

With so many kings of the South on one track you're bound to have a hit and "We In This B*tch* seems to do the South justice. On the Kane Beatz produced track Young Jeezy, Ludacris, and T.I. all swap verses while Future provides the song with a catchy hook. I'm still trying to figure out what DJ Drama's role on "We In This B*tch" is though. I think I hear a few ad-libs from him, but that's about it.

Whenever a song features three or more rappers the "who had the hottest verse" topic is bound to be brought up. So I'll go ahead and say that for me Ludacris had the best verse hands down on "We In This B*tch." I'm glad they saved his verse for last because it really ends the song on a high note. Future was least impressive, but thankfully he was only featured on the hook. I'm still trying to figure out if Future sounds like a rapping robot, Lil Wayne, or a robotic Lil Wayne. Although I'm sure Future would probably prefer the astronaut title over everything.

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