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DJ Dbefekt, Termanology & Reks Were “Raised On Classics” (Video & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 11/30/09 | Filed under Downloads, Videos, Termanology, Reks
Every generation has its classics, but for us 80s babies it doesn't get much better than Nas, Biggie, Pac and some old school Tribe Called Quest. Fortunately DJ Dbefekt is dedicated to keeping the classic alive, and he's bringing on two of Boston's brightest emcees Termanology and Reks for his new "Raised on Classics" video, a flick that appropriately pays homage to all the artists who've laid the groundwork for this culture.

The Refined Take:

1) Have no idea how to pronounce DJ Dbefekt's name? Yeah, neither do I. There's a reason he goes by DJ DB, and that reason is his unpronounceable name.

2) If you're wondering why everyone in the crowd is white, both the song and video were filmed while they were on tour in the Czech Republic. There, now it all makes sense.

3) Here's a quick list of all the classic artists DJ DB, Term and Reks were raised on: Nas, Big Daddy Kane, James Brown, Michael Jackson, Curtis Mayfield, The Dramatics, MOP, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Cypress Hill, Biggie, Big Pun, Tribe Called Quest, Dilla, Run DMC, Ice Cube, Native Tongues, Mobb Deep,

4) Speaking of which, Nas has a lot of classic songs (like this one), but I don't think I'd include "Oochie Walli" on that list. Unless by classic you mean unintentionally hilarious.

5) If you're really digging "Raised on Classics" might I suggest that you download the track here or here. Come on, have I ever steered you wrong?

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