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General Awesomeness: Diddy Takes Shots On “The Ellen Degeneres Show (Video)

Posted by Danielle Harling on 03/05/13 | Filed under Videos, General Awesomeness, Diddy

A drinking game involving shots of water (specifically AQUAhydrate) and Ciroc? Now that's one Diddy-centric drinking game I can get with. Both Diddy and Mark Wahlberg recently appeared on the "The Ellen Degeneres Show" to promote their new product, AQUAhydrate a.k.a. "the greatest tasting water in the world," and to also get their drank on. Wahlberg was presented with a few trivia questions and for each wrong answer Diddy was forced to take either a shot of Ciroc or AQUAhydrate.

Daytime talk show drinking games aside, Diddy might want to lay off the AQUAhydrate and Ciroc shots. Those two beverages probably aren't the most ideal combination for someone who's wet a few beds in their past.

Word to TSS for the spot.

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