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Today in Random Dopeness: Deon ft. Freakmite “Gold” (Listen & Download)

Posted by Nathan S. on 09/11/12 | Filed under Downloads, Random Dopeness, Deon
Well, well then, we might just have something happening here. A few weeks after Wally came out of left field with some dopeness, one of his North Carolina crew mates has rolled through with some dopeness of his own.

Hard to believe after listening to "Gold" but Deon's only 17-years-old, which is way too young to be this lyrical and putting together ambient hip-hop like this. I won't front, I'm impressed. I've officially got this NSBG (No State Backgammon Gang) crew on my radar.

Additional verse comes from Freakmite, production from BKBROWN, off Deon's upcoming "Nitrogen" EP, set to drop sometime before "Detox" in October. In the meantime, enjoy...

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